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Looking for Tragus Jewelry? You Found the Right Spot

Tragus piercings are becoming so commonplace, they’re bound to soon be on as many ears as earlobe piercings are. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we’re looking for the excuse for a new piercing. People are often fans of the option to adorn this piercing with a very petite and delicate piece or a larger statement piece. This is probably why tragus piercings are currently one of the most popular cartilage piercings we currently perform at Starfire Piercing Studio.

And the best thing about the piercing? All of the tragus jewelry options!

The versatility of this piercing is nice; you can easily swap between a hoop/ring style or a stud style. Respectively, you can choose between a captive bead ring, a circular barbell, or a flatback. And Starfire Body Jewelry Company carries a lot of them!

Slightly overwhelmed by all of your options? Let us narrow down some of our favorites:

Looking for the most subtle, most petite tragus jewelry? Below is a standard flatback made by Industrial Strength. Choose between the colors of the Swarovski crystals and match your outfit.

tragus jewelry

These are some of our most popular sellers in studio for tragus piercings as they come in many sizes and colors. This particular piece is the smallest size gem you can wear with the brilliant sparkle you expect from Swarovski. Similar styles are available from Industrial Strength and Anatometal.

Tragus Jewelry

Need a little more flash? Bigger bling? We got you covered. 

These prong-set flatbacks are the perfect tragus jewelry to draw a little more attention to that cute little part of your ear. These are classy settings that come in two gauge sizes, five gem sizes, and 27 colors each. Not to mention the fact that you can pick the length of your jewelry shaft with all of our tragus jewelry.

Tragus Jewelry

Once you’ve worn your basic tragus jewelry for a bit, you’ll be ready to upgrade to a more adventurous piece. Starfire carries a beautiful rainbow moonstone tragus piece by BVLA that is a big seller in our studio. 

Tragus Jewelry

And if you are feeling super playful, you will love the Bee in Gold by LeRoi

Tragus JewelryOftentimes, people like to wear a ring in their piercing. These captive bead rings are a slightly smaller diameter that allow your tragus jewelry to hug your ear tighter. 

Tragus Jewelry

It's all about finding the style that fits your fashion style best! From stainless steel rings to dazzling opal, we have a piece you'll love. 

As you can see, you found the right spot for all your tragus jewelry needs. Happy shopping.

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