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So perfect

I love this so much for my conch. Shipping was so quick and everything was packaged so well. Thanks again!

Dainty & sparkly

I purchased 4 of the 2mm CZ ends to stack in my 2nd & 3rd lobes. I was worried they'd be too small but they ended up being perfect size. I hemmed & hawed between 2mm & 2.5mm, but I'm very happy with my choice. Any larger and they'd have looked crowded instead of dainty and sleek. Even at that small of a size the stones are sparkly. Buddha seems to use really good quality CZ and settings, better than other pieces I've had from a comparable brand that start with A..


I purchased the small Amity for my already pierced helix and it fits the curve of my ear perfectly. The quality and finish is outstanding. Special ordering white gold took about 90 days, which isn't bad at all. The only issue I had is personal - trying to screw it in myself was frustrating. It takes a lot of patience and a steady hand since the curved shape is a little hard to get a grip on. Probably a good piece to take to a piercer. I paired it with an IS titanium labret and it fits perfectly.

Gold Curved Barbell
Ellis Grayson

Perfect size/fit/ and and 14k rose gold color!


The ethereal looks great nestled in my conch, it's large enough to have a presence but not overwhelming. Very sparkly and great quality. This is my second larger Buddha piece and it did not disappoint.


It is beautiful!!! Exactly what I was hoping for!!!! It sits perfectly for my rook piercing!!!


These are tiny but mighty little ends. Well crafted and cute, sturdy and lovely. Great communication from Starfire throughout the preorder and fast shipping.


These ends are exquisitely crafted and dainty while being sturdy and secure. I used it on one end of my industrial and I love the little glitter I get when light hits it when I have my hair up. Great communication from Starfire as well throughout the process of the preorder and once my pieces came in the shipping was lightning fast. Overall 10 out of 10.

Love the service

Being able to have jewelry sterilized is fabulous. That way, not only you, but your piercer knows it's safe and ready to use.

New Jewelry for a New Piercing

I ordered two 8 gauge CBRs with the autoclave service so I could pierce and eventually stretch my lobes. Beautiful jewelry already sterilized and ready to go. My piercer appreciated the sterile packaging and verification that it was autoclaved. I love the ease of ordering. The rings are comfy and light. I'll definitely be ordering again.

Such a great piece!

Great piece, great quality.

High Quality and Pretty

Love the iridescent finish and the zipper closure. And the size is perfect for traveling too. The multiple compartments are super handy for different types of jewelry. Worth the buy!


Got this cute little pineapple on a sale, it’s well made and highly detailed. A bit too small but very versatile for multiple piercing placements. Worth it!

Love ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve been in love with this piece since I first saw it. I had to pre-order it, which I was a little apprehensive about, but it shipped super quick, & I had zero issues.
I’m still just as obsessed with it & so, so happy that I finally purchased it!

Awesome brand/materials!

I’ve been using these types of posts for a few years and they always arrive in a timely manner, fit comfortably in my ears, and I can wear them every day! 10/10 product especially if you don’t like the screw types.

Beautiful Jewelry & Fast Shipping!

Arrived well packed with a sizing guide and shipped quickly. Jewelry is beautiful and sturdy.


In love with this piece!


Beautiful little gem for my second tragus piercing.

Perfect and love the pink , thet shine so pretty and they fit great!

Perfect as I expected .

Small but impactful

I have this end in a stacked love. It’s a good stacking size, but still looks really bold. It is very pointy/sharp, so be careful where you put it!

Perfect size!

I have the gold end in my conch, and it is the perfect size for that space! It’s timeless and very lovely!

I love it so much so cute and dainty. Just what I am looking for

For all the horse girls

This piece is just the perfect addition to my whimsical ear scape for my conch! I need to wait for the rest of my piercings to heal before I can get it installed but I can’t wait for when I do!

Pump up the volume, small, aquamarine

Installed this beautiful piece on my flat, and now I can’t imagine my ear without it! Starfire customer service is the best I’ve experienced—currently waiting on a custom order, and I’m so excited about it. Thank you!