Why Starfire Body Jewelry Company Began

Why Starfire Body Jewelry Company Began

Well… at least some of the basics.

Starfire began as, and will always be, a body piercing studio. However, it has evolved to something more, really out of necessity. Starfire Body Piercing Studio had its humble beginnings in Bend, Oregon with a single piercer named Jamie. While Jamie is considered an expert at her craft, the lack of standards while the popularity of piercings grew created a problem in the industry. While the majority of customers coming through Starfire were first-timers, referrals, and regulars, there was also a large population of customers coming into the studio for help with piercing problems. The most common denominator was the jewelry. Poor quality body jewelry, whether it be from low-end studios or purchased on the Internet, was the problem; Starfire Body Jewelry Company was the solution.

Starfire Body Piercing Studio customers who came in for help often told a series of the same story. They got their piercing during a special sale, at a studio that did not explain anything about the procedure, some even got pierced at the fair. Many of them didn't know what material they were pierced with or the new piece they had changed out to. The problem stemmed from the fact that many of these clients were not educated about what types and materials should be worn in body piercings. Often they would be perusing the web and see a decorative hoop, not once considering the material the jewelry was made of. It was easy to see the model wearing it in their same piercing; it was affordable, so why wouldn't they think it would be perfect for them? Then they would come into Starfire with a piercing that was irritated, and sometimes with even worse issues, such as the jewelry rejecting, an oxidation stain, a keloid, an infection, the list goes on, and often it wasn’t pretty.

Jamie saw this all too frequently. Hesitant to the idea of body jewelry being sold online, she soon realized how difficult it was for the consumer to find the correct materials of jewelry, in a variety of sizes, in styles correct for each specific piercing. She decided to create the solution herself, and Starfire Body Jewelry Company was born.

Because of her reputation in the piercing industry, Jamie had a lot of quality vendors onboard with the idea. She already only sold premium quality body jewelry in her piercing studio; why not make that inventory available in an online store? The rest is a constantly evolving history. Starfire Body Piercing Studio is still running; Jamie is still piercing and is as busy as ever. Starfire Body Jewelry Company is an excellent and necessary accompaniment. It has become a good resource for those who may have moved from the area or got their piercing while simply passing through Bend who want the assurance of buying good quality body jewelry from wherever they may be now. Alternately, Starfire Body Jewelry Company is a place with good intentions for the whole population of people who have piercings and care about the quality of the jewelry they put into them.

Starfire Body Jewelry Company will provide a valuable product for those looking to keep their piercings healthy. Check out some of our new jewelry today!

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