BRAND - Oracle Body Jewelry

Founded in 1999 Oracle Body Jewelry got it’s start as a small one man operation.
Our founder Scott Barrs noticed the lack of quality and aesthetics in body jewelry and decided to take matters into his own hands. Constantly perfecting and expanding his knowledge base, he moved into Stone carving and Fine Jewelry creating the Oracle Body Jewelry you see today. We make everything we sell and all of our designs are our own original creations.  We DO NOT and WILL NEVER simply purchase our jewelry from someone else or a third party vendor. After almost 20 years in business, we’ve grown up with the industry we love so much and we’ve kept the same values we’ve had from the start. We make fun and beautiful jewelry for fun and beautiful people. We are dedicated to keeping the highest standard of ethics, quality, and happiness and we think that comes through in everything that we do.
Thank you for coming along on the ride with us and we hope you have as much fun wearing our jewelry as we have bringing it to you!