JEWELRY - Rings (Captive, Nail, D, Seam, Segment, etc...)

While we hear “ring” as a description for almost every piercing (who else giggles when they hear “tongue ring”?), they really encompass true round, ring styles. Captive bead rings are a ring with a captive bead preventing it from falling out and rotating through a piercing. Nostril nail rings are a great option for people who like to be able to alternate from a nose ring to a nose stud style. D-rings are most commonly worn in nipple piercings. Seam or seamless rings are terms often used interchangeably for ring styles that have no actual closure. Segment rings are essentially the high-end cousin of the captive bead ring. Instead of a bead in the gap of the ring, a segmented piece fills the space. From implant grade stainless and titanium to every color of gold, there are truly many options of piercing rings.

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