Teardrop / Bullet Opal Captive Bead

Teardrop / Bullet Opal Captive Bead


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Opal Captive Bead

Description & Features:

Looking to replace your basic metal bead in your Captive Bead Ring(CBR)? These Teardrop opals would make a beautifully colorful replacement.

  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • Small: 5mm x 3mm - dimpled for 18 ga.
    • Large: 6mm x 4mm - dimpled for 16 ga.
  • Available in a variety of colors
    • OP17 Fire & Snow: White Opal
    • OP5 Blue Pacific: Blue Opal
    • OP11 Kiwi: Lime Green Opal
    • OP13 Peacock: Blue Green Opal
    • OP23 Carmine: Red Pink Opal
    • OP26 Cornflower: Baby Blue Opal
    • OP30 Fire Opal: Orange Opal
    • OP35 Black Opal: Black Multi Opal
    • OP45 Ruby: Red Opal
    • OP52 Sleepy Lavender: Purple Opal
    • OP55 Mimosa: Hot Pink Opal
    • OP62 Jungle Opal: Green Opal
    • OP73 Tiffany Blue: Teal Opal
    • OP74 Multi Cornflower: Light Blue
    • OP75 Starry Night: Dark Blue Opal
    • OP76 Royal Purple: Red Purple Opal

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  • Brand: Safe Products
  • Collection: 41690
  • Material(s): synthetic opal
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Commonly worn in: earlobes, sensitive lobes, cartilage, helix, daith, rook, tragus, eyebrow, septum, lip

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