"Lighting" Earrings
"Lighting" Earrings

"Lighting" Earrings


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Yellow or White Brass with Titanium Clasp

Description & Features:

Light up the night with these "Lighting" Earrings. You'll be glowing brighter than the stars! The Mini is perfect to wear as traditional earrings and the Large can be worn as small gauge weights, or through eyelets.

  • Approximate diameter:
    • Mini: 1 1/2" 
    • Large: 3" 
  • Wearable length:
    • You must be an 18 ga. to wear the mini
    • You must be an 14 ga. to wear the large
  • Approximate weight:
    • Mini: 0.21 oz. (6 grams each)
    • Large: 0.92 oz. (26 grams each)
    • Sold as a pair



    • Brand: Quetzalli Jewelry
    • Collection: 41810
    • Material(s): Brass, Titanium
    • Item Code: 


    Commonly worn in: earlobes, stretched lobes

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    Updated: 08/23/2023

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