"Odyssey" Clicker #8 with 5 Graduated Opals - 16 ga. 1/4" post

Industrial Strength - I.S.

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16 ga. Titanium Septum Clicker with 1/4" post length 

Description & Features:

A classic staple often adorned in a Septum or Daith piercing. A part of the Odyssey Collection. Prong-set synthetic opal cabochons with light reflecting fire.

  • Size of opals in order from left to right:
    • 2mm Opal / 2.5mm Opal / 3mm Opal / 2.5mm Opal / 2mm Opal in Prong's
  • Available in multiple depths and a variety of colors
    • Depth is the measurement between the underside of the post to the inside top of the clicker base, measured in the center

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  • Brand: Industrial Strength
  • Collection: 40007
  • Material(s): 6AI-7Nb ASTM 1295 implant grade titanium, synthetic opals (faux-pals)
  • Item Code: TNBSPCGC8 ( TSPRCGC8 )


Commonly worn in: daith, septum

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Updated: 04/23/2021