Glass Spiral Snakes - Oil Slick Ghost Opal

Glass Spiral Snakes - Oil Slick Ghost Opal


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Glass Shapes

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Why not stretch your earlobes in style with these Spiral Snakes? They feature an oil slick finish that comes in ghost opal, similar to opalite, that will produce an iridescent effect with tons of luminescence.

  • Available in 10 ga. to 0 ga.
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From the maker: These earrings are handcrafted from Pyrex/borosilicate glass, which is non-porous, hypoallergenic and perfectly suited for sensitive ears.

CARE: Before inserting the jewelry, wash gently with mild soap and water. Always make sure your hands are clean before handling your piercings. Take your jewelry out before showering, sleeping, and roughhousing.

Be very careful when styling hair, and use a snag free pillow if you need to keep the jewelry in at night. When removing jewelry, do so over a towel or a soft surface in case of a falling earring.

FRAGILE: When ordering glass earrings, be aware that glass can break when put under stresses such as being dropped, or hit, or crushed in a hug, especially in these elegant hanging styles. Handle your pieces with care and they should last a very long time. Please handle your glass responsibly. By purchasing Glassheart jewelry, you understand the risks, and assume all liability.




  • Brand: Glassheart Studios
  • Collection: 41405
  • Material(s): Pyrex / borosilicate glass
  • Item Code: SS-OS ( Ghost Opal )


Commonly worn in: stretched lobes

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Sophia Aasland
Starfire review

I love Starfire a glass work jewelry, a lot of people find it over priced but I love it, the people are also so friendly and help the best they can when picking out jewelry

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