Basic Nostril Screw

Industrial Strength - I.S.

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Our nostril screws come prebent for a left nostril piercing.
You have the right side pierced? Make sure to choose accordingly so we can rebend it for you!

18 ga. Stainless Steel Nostril Screw

Description & Features:

A perfect basic nostril screw available in a variety of shapes.

  • Available in: Basic Ball, Halfdome, Disk, or Spike
  • Configurable to be worn on the left or right nostril




  • Brand: Industrial Strength
  • Collection: 40035
  • Material(s): 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade stainless
  • Item Code:
    • SSNS-3/32BA / SSNS-1/16BA
    • SSNS-3/32HD / SSNS-1/16HD
    • SSNS-3/32DK / SSNS-1/16DK
    • SSNS-3/32SP / SSNS-1/16SP


    Commonly worn in: nostril

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