Opal Orb Claw-Set Separate Threaded End


SKU: 40916-01
Available for pre-order

16 ga. or 14 ga. Titanium Prong's

Description & Features:

This Opal ball in prongs is a perfect replacement in case your threaded end jewelry falls off.

  • Available in 3 Prong Claw-Set or 4 Prong Claw-Set
  • 4mm Opal Orb Claw-Set threaded end
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in 16 ga. or 14 ga.

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  • Brand: Anatometal
  • Collection: 40916
  • Material(s): ASTM F-138 certified implant grade titanium, synthetic opal 

Commonly worn in: earlobes, sensitive lobes, cartilage, helix, conch, daith, industrial, rook, tragus, monroe, medusa, philtrum, lip, labret, vertical labret, tongue, navel, nipples, genital

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Updated: 04/21/2021