5mm Flower #2 Nostril Screw in White Gold with Rainbow CZ's & a White CZ

Body Vision - BVLA

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Our nostril screws come prebent for a left nostril piercing.
You have the right side pierced? Make sure to choose accordingly so we can rebend it for you!

18 ga. 14K White Gold Nostril Screw - Flower #2

5mm flower made up of (6) 1.5mm RAINBOW cz's: Red, Poppy, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Amethyst AA & (1) 1.5mm white cz

These are a classic piece that allow for more overall sparkle without gaining a lot of depth.


  • Brand: Body Vision - BVLA
  • Collection: 40212
  • Material(s): 14K gold, cz's, Amethyst
  • Item Code: 08-0034-SYNPRIDE
Commonly worn in: nostril
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