Single Gem BIG BLING Plugs (Eyelets) - Brilliant Cut - Mint Green


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Stainless Steel Eyelets

Brilliant Cut Mint Green CZ set in Single or Double Flare

A fav for bling lovers who don't just want "diamond posts". Not only is the quality and sparkle of the cz unmistakeable, this setting sits slightly inside the lobe making a classy fit.

*Wearable surface:
Single Flare:
  10ga and 8ga = .312" (7.9mm)
  6ga” and above = .335" (8.5mm)
Double Flare:
  8ga = .312" (7.9mm)
  6ga” and above = .375" (9.5mm)

*Gem Size:

Gauge Gem
10ga 5mm stone
8ga 6mm stone
6ga 7mm stone
4ga 8mm stone
2ga 9mm stone
0ga 11mm stone
00ga 12mm stone
7/16” 13mm stone
1/2” 15mm stone
9/16” 17mm stone
5/8” 18mm stone
11/16” 20mm stone
3/4” 22mm stone
7/8” 26mm stone
1” 29mm stone



  • Brand: Anatometal
  • Collection: 40049
  • Material(s): ASTM F-138 certified implant grade Stainless Steel, synthetic brilliant round gemstones
  • Item Code: 
Commonly worn in: stretched lobes
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