Halo Medium - Brass + Crystal Fluorite with Mint Green

Buddha Jewelry Organics

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Brass + Crystal Fluorite 

Brass with Crystal Fluorite with Mint Green coloring

Our current obsession. One of a kind.

*4 ga. Brass hoops. Approximate hoop size: 42mm. Approximate stone size: 50mm. 

**From the maker: Since these are a natural stone each pair will feature its own individual markings & striation features which can include small hollows. No pair will be a perfect match as nothing occurring in nature is, which makes these even more unique, we do our best to cultivate a stunning pair.


  • Brand: Buddha Jewelry Organics
  • Collection: 40338
  • Material(s): Brass, Crystal Fluorite
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Commonly worn in: earlobes, stretched lobes
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