Crossovers with Gold Plated Quartz Arrowheads

Oracle Body Jewelry

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Gold Plated with Brass Hangers

Description & Features:

Sometimes you have to have your jewelry standout.

  • From top crossover to bottom dangle is approximately _" in height
  • Approximately _" wide
  • You must be at least 0 ga. to wear these
  • Approximate weight is _ oz
  • The crossovers are solid brass
  • The dangles are gold plated
  • Sold as a pair

 Notes from the Maker: Each pair is unique. Natural materials are never alike. They do not always match, but we strive to make a beautiful pair. 


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  • Brand: Oracle Body Jewelry
  • Collection: 40273
  • Material(s): Brass, Gold Plated, quartz
  • Item Code: BW-CEL 


Commonly worn in: stretched lobes

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