"The Majeure" (middle finger) in Gold - on flatback

Body Vision - BVLA

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The standard flatback length is 5/16".
Standard doesn't fit you correctly? Feel free to choose a custom length shorter or longer for a perfect fit!

14K Gold "The Majeure"

6mm x 4mm threaded end: Middle Finger  - this piece comes on a 5/16" Stainless Steel flatback from Industrial Strength (Item # 40039)

"You're Number 1"


  • Brand: Body Vision - BVLA
  • Collection: 40266
  • Material(s): 14K gold 
  • Item Code: 10-1279
Commonly worn in: earlobes, sensitive lobes, cartilage, helix, conch, tragus, monroe, medusa, philtrum, lip, labret
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